Do you want to reach the very source of each product? Want to know the supplier? Have control over quality, price, products and logistics? Then this is the channel for you. Our focus is to be the main support for Sicilian farmers and food producers to develop on the global food market. We are also the local connection and support for you.
We operate mainly in organic agriculture and tourism, collecting ecological solutions and investments for society and private units. 
We are specialized in:
  • Sicilian Organic Agriculture
  • Sicilian Travel & Culture
  • Communication
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Coordination
  • Investments
  • Sales Strategies
  • Export and Import
  • Direct Sales (B2B & B2C)
We create a more professional and easier collaboration between Sicilian and foreign markets. Our focus is green, sustainable and natural, therefor every step we take in life is organic and ecological. We are employed by sicilian companies, for you as a buyer this connection is free.