About Us

Johanna S Siljehagen Consulting was created in 2009. In short time we have emerged from operating in a major part of Europe to leading the global market by creating strong ties between Sicilian and foreign markets by offering modern service, supplying sicilian high quality products, travel and introduce foreign investments on the sicilian market.
How we operate
We create a business line between you and a Sicilian company, taking care of communication, regular updates, problem solving, following the trends and changes on the market.
How this works

Our major role is connected to the start up process. In later phases we are active with administrative work; marketing analyzes, orders, presentations, market reports and assist with personal visits. You work directly with the supplier; goods and payments passes between you and the supplier. We take care of the rest to make it simple and effective.


Market updates, detailed information and references you get from us. We avoid publishing on the website, this for privacy, market differences and every activities individual structures. We ask the permission to visit you on your site to understand your needs, visions, company- and market structure, this way we can design the purchase process in Sicily to match your requests. You are welcome to visit production sites in Sicily touring with us or by yourself, best time is April and May.


Over a decade in management and purchasing in Sweden I decided to visit Sicily for a vacation. When I walked out from the airport I got the immediate intuition that Sicily possesses something special. During vacation I also noticed the high quality of sicilian produce, so I decided to move here and did so one and a half years later. First year in Sicily I noticed a remarkable change in my health thanks to the changes in eating habits and decided to make it possible for others to be able to get the same products. Soon a decade in Sicily I’m taking new steps presenting more of Sicily to the world. During years of work, education and travelling in Sicily I’ve become specialist on the sicilian market.

We are connected to several platforms to develop a greener present and future, and to simplify the passages between Sicilian and foreign market:
  • Johanna S Siljehagen Consulting: Main support for small- and medium sized Sicilian farmers and food producers to reach the global food market. We are also the local support for you.
  • Blueorange Development: Collection of various ecological solutions for society and private units. Your partners for international projects, regions and tourism development.
  • Living By Seasons: you can follow a journey from over consumption to sustainable lifestyle. Filled with health information, recipes, sustainable tips, gardening, do-it-yourself, ecological companies and much more.
  • Living in Sicily: you can follow sicilian lifestyle and travel information.

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