Sicilian Produce


Organic Vegetables and Fruits
Work with the best Sicilian producers in the right areas. Sicilian produce differs in each region depending of weather, soil, water supply, tradition and Etna volcano.


From oldest producers in Sicily to family vineyards. Taste strawberry- , coffee-, and canella flavoured wines. Sicily has produced wine since greek domination. DOC, DOCG, IGP, IGT


Olive Oils & Olives
Sicilian olive oils are known to be the best oils. Fresh olives (green, violet and black), canned olives and olive oils from three different areas.


Natural Cheese
Every area has local made cheeses; Provola, Caciocavallo Ragusano, Pecorino, Caciotta, with Olives, Saffron and Rucola to name few. Do not contain preservatives and hand made.

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Naturally Canned Products
Traditional Caponata famous from TV-Show Il Commissario Montalbano, Involtini, Capuliato to name few. Preserved naturally gives durability up to 12 months.


Sundried Products
Sicily dries outdoors all kinds of fruits and vegetables, separated or mixed. We highly recommend sundried tomatoes from IGT producers and pepper.

Then also Pesto, Original Pasta, Honey, Nuts, Spices, Tomato Sauces and more….

You are in direct contact with producers and Cooperatives (organized group of producers). You choose from organic, biodynamic and artisan produce. We support with orders, communication, problem solving and help producers to develop sustainable production. For you as a buyer it has no costs as we are employed by sicilian companies.

Products are Biodynamic, Organic, Artisan and DOC, DOCG, IGT and IGP certified.


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