Johanna S Siljehagen

Specialist Sicilian Market & Organic Coordinator

What I do

Contracted consultant to Sicilian organic producers responsable for marketing, planning and offering products to
the European market.

You order, producer send and I do everything in between. No goods or payments passes my company.
Simple and easy!

Organic Produce Calendar

Here you find estimated yearly produce of organic produce. As it is organic produce please know that it will vary every year and many times during the season as weather has a significant impact on organic.

Before contacting me, please have some organic knowledge as organic tomatoes
with one month shelf life hardly exists.

Calendar: HERE
Only Sicilian produce.

Carefully Chosen Tours

Due to the great knowledge of Sicily, a couple of times a year I do tours for foreign agencies and privates, selected and only by request. For a greater need for local support: procurement for each assignment.  All depends of time.