Calendar of Yearly Organic Produce

Estimated production period of each fruit and vegetable in alphabetical order. With organic's the time table will vary during season and yearly as organic is highly effected by weather conditions. All produce is tracable and certified.

- EUR and Industrial pallets
- Mix pallets available
- Packing according to your standards
- Ecological solutions for packing available
- Labeling on site available

Seasonal produce where varieties within category do not make great impact on sortment, are named within ( ).
For product group with several varieties within category and differ in national names, photos are sent before order to avoid mistakes.

Citrus, redbeet and other suitable produce can be ordered with or without leaf.
Some products in the range available in class 2 and 3, especially citrus.
Artichokes: December - April

Aubergine Long: 12 months
Aubergine Violetta: 12 months
Aubergine Oval: 12 months

Avocado BL: February - April
Avocado Ettinger: October - December
Avocado Hass: December - February
Avocado Pinkerton: November - January
Avocado Reed: April - May

Beans: June - July, September - December
Beans Barlotto: April - June

Butternut Squash: September -June

Cabbage Cinese: February - June
Cabbage Pointed: November - July
Cabbage Red: January - June
Cabbage Round: November - June

Celery: October - July
Chilli Pepper: July - October
Cucumber: September - June

Fennel: January - May

Kohlrabi: January - June

Peas: March - May

Redbeet: January - June

Sweet Pepper California: 12 months
Sweet Pepper long: 12 months

Zucchini: 12 months

Babyplum loose: 12 months
Babyplum on the vine: 12 months
Cherry loose: September - July
Cherry on the vine: 12 months
Piccadilly: November - June

Tomato Costoluto: April - June
Tomato Oblungo: March - June
Tomato Oval: 12 months
Tomato Oxheart: March - December
Tomato Round: 12 months
Tomato on the vine: 12 months

Almonds: September - January


Lemons yellow: October - June   (Primofiore, Bianchetto, Maggiolino)
Lemons green: June - September  (Verdello)

Oranges: October - March (Navel, Washington)
Oranges Lane Late: March - June
Oranges Newhall: November - February
Oranges Oval: February - April
Oranges Valencia: March - June

Oranges Moro: December - February
Oranges Sanguinello: December - February
Oranges Tarocco: December - March

Satsuma Miyagawa Seedless: October - January
Tangerine Tardivi di Ciacullo: January - April

Pear: July - September

Plum: May - September

Pomegranate: September - November

Table Grape Early Gold: June - September
Table Grape Sugarone Seedless: June - September
Table Grape Sultanina: June - September
Table Grape UVA Italia: August - November
Table Grape Vittoria: June - September

Table Grape Black Magic: April - August
Table Grape Crimson: June - November
Table Grape Perlon: June - October
Tabel Grape Red Globe: July - November

Yellow Melon: July - August  (also called Honeydew, Yellow Cantaloupe, Melon D'oro)
Watermelon Mini: June - August