Welcome to organic Sicily

- From Lapland, Sweden to Sicily -

After years in the fashion business I decided to change my life completely, and Sicily was the key for it. After seeing a popular TV-series Commissario Montalbano on Swedish national TV I packed my bags. I came here with no plans, no job, no nothing and did not speak the language. The first year I started to see changes in my health and noticed the high quality of Sicilian produce, so I opened a company to help small and middle sized local organic producers on the European market. I already had great knowledge of organics as I live much organic as I can since 20 years old, it was a natual choise to work with only organics.

I've learnt Italian with Sicilian accent speaking English to quality manager and he spoke Italian to me, this way he learnt English. Was supposed to stay one year and then move to London to continue my career in fashion, this was 2008 and I am still here. Today I'm an entrepreneur in my lifestyle going towards off-grid living.

“Sustainable development, a clean and environmentally friendly future” is my motto. Every step I take in private life and business is Organic, Ecological and Natural.

Warm welcome to Sicily!